Thursday, July 05, 2007

an adventure like no other..

so i come home from being in estevan for a week, to caleb having a bizarre rash on his body. apparently it started over a week ago, beginning on his cheeks, then his body and arms & legs.

seeing that since i got home sunday night and it hadn't gotten any better, i took him in to get checked. also being we dont have a doctor and not knowing a hot clue about the medical clinics here, plus being a little concerned about him, we looked for walk in clinics, and found none, so resorted to the hospital of my birth.. burnaby general.

onwards to the ER we went at 9pm last night..
and then we got into the room at about 10:15pm..
then caleb had bloodwork done around 11 pm..
and then we headed home about 25 mins after that.

prognosis? we were to come back the next morning (today) and see the pediatrician
and she was to tell us what's up with him.

so we did. and they said he had what was called fifth disease.
anyhow..he's fine.. and here's his mementos from the crazy event.. :)

thank you to everyone i was texting all night and this morning, giving you the play by play, and who prayed earnestly that all would be good in the hood. :)

11pm - me and caleb before his blood work, he's so brave. :)and we were so zonked!

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